Police: Machete 'attack' lacked attackers

Police in Coquille say 2 men were treated for wounds from a machete after they said that some men "jumped" them.

Chief Janice Blue of the Coquille Police Department says that wasn't exactly the truth.

Turns out that a group of friends were playing with a machete near Coquille High School when the cover slipped off and two of them were accidentally hacked, police said.

Police say they received a call from the hospital reporting two men had been stabbing victims.

Officers arrived at Coquille Valley Hospital, where one of the men said they were attacked by 2-3 dark skinned males.

Police say the two men, identified as Andrew Boen, 20, and Ashlehn Beliveau, 22, were trying to cover for their friend, Cameron Rampenthal, 19, who had accidentally slashed them.

Boen was arrested and booked into the Coos County Jail for initating a false report and an outstanding warrant.

Police say neither man wanted to press charges against their friend.