Police: K-9 apprehends wanted man hiding under mobile home

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg police say they used a K-9 to apprehend a wanted man who was hiding under a mobile home.

Officers say deputies from the Sheriff's office found Nathan J. Sessions, 24, of Roseburg, in the area of NE Stephens and Davis Lane at about 3:00 am on Saturday.

Police say Sessions ran away from deputies into the mobile home park located at 5000 NE Stephens.

Officials found Sessions hiding under a porch.

Police say authorities tried to shock Sessions with a Taser, but he managed to crawl under a home in the area.

Officials say Sessions refused to come out or speak with officers, even after several warnings that a K-9 would be sent to find him.

That's when police say Roseburg K-9 Helix found Sessions hiding behind objects under the home and brought him out.

Officials say Sessions sustained a minor injury to his hand and shoulder.

Sessions was treated at Mercy Medical Center and released to deputies, officers said.

Sessions was lodged in the Douglas County Jail on several charges.