Police: Illegal pot farm busted in Pleasant Hill

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. - Police and DEA agents converged Tuesday morning at around 8:30 a.m. on a private street in Pleasant Hill.

The 20-acre property on Bravado Lane features several signs posted warning trespassers, and an electronic security keypad at the entrance.

After an investigation stemming from an anonymous tip, law enforcement entered the property. They confiscated over 100 marijuana plants.

A dump truck and pickup truck were used to transport the illegal crop out of the area.

The suspect, who Springfield police said remains at large, was renting land from the owner of the parcel.

Sergeant David Lewis of the Springfield Police Department believes the owner did not fully understand the situation - or know the limits on the quantity of marijuana allowed for medical purposes.

"He was under the impression that it was within the legal limits, according to what the person who was growing it had told him," Lewis said. "He didn't have knowledge of what was legal and what was not."

Neighbors said they aren't surprised about the raid. They said there are cars and trucks traveling the road day and night.

"We see non-stop trucks and cars all the time, even tanker trucks," said one neighbor, who asked for anonymity. "There's definitely a lot of stuff going on down there."