Police: 'Gunshots' weren't gunshots in West Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - The gunshots weren't gunshots Monday in west Eugene, police said.

Police said Tuesday that what neighbors reported as gunfire were likely rocks sent flying when a vehicle sped out of a gravel driveway.

Broken windows visible from the street were broken prior to Monday's altercation.

"There were not shots fired," Sgt. Bob McDermed with Eugene Police said. "There was a black Cherokee that was reported being involved that accelerated rapidly."

McDermed said rocks sent flying on the driveway could have been what neighbors heard after people in the house got in an argument over a stereo and narcotics exchange.

The man initially reported as being grazed by a bullet was likely injured in what police are now calling an assault and burglary, McDermed said.

The man who came to the door of the Royal Avenue home slammed the door on a reporter Tuesday.