Police: Gangster wanted for October stabbing captured

EUGENE, Ore. - Jose Carlos Gonzalez was bussing a table at the new Coburg Mongolian Grill when he saw a police officer in the parking lot outside.

Then he saw three black Suburbans roll into the shopping center parking lot.

At least 10 guys dressed like soldiers with "POLICE" printed on their backs got out with their guns drawn and took up positions behind parked cars, he said.

"I heard a pretty loud noise, probably one of those stun bombs," Gonzalez said. "First time I've seen something like that, especially here in Eugene, especially in this nice neighborhood. It caught me off guard.

"Looks like they got the guy and he's taken care of," he said.

The guy, police said, was a gang member wanted in connection with an October 4 stabbing outside Good Times Cafe in Eugene.

Police identified the man arrested Thursday as Cory Charles Weise. Weise faces charges of Assault II in connection with the, as well as Unlawful Delivery of a Schedule I controlled substance within 1000 feet of a school. More charges are pending in this ongoing investigation, Eugene Police said.

Police identified Weise as a member of the West Side Gangsters criminal street gang.

Gang specialists at Eugene Police said the West Side Gangsters were formed in a west Eugene neighborhood in the 1990s and grew to a state wide gang after numerous members entered the Oregon prison system.

They are one of the most violent prison gangs in Oregon, according to police. The gang membership is thought to be over 100 individuals spread across the state, with a large population of in-custody prison members.