Police: Gangster in bulletproof vest 'a dangerous dude'

EUGENE, Ore. - A known gang member and key figure in one of Eugene's most notorious murders showed up outside a bank Thursday wearing a bulletproof vest, prompting police to use a stun grenade to disorient him and take him into custody.

Beau Flynn, 34, just got out of prison in September. He was arrested in 2009 in Marion County after police found him with meth, weapons and body armor.

"He's a guy, when he's out, we're worried about the public's safety," said Sgt. Scott McKee. "He's a guy that everyone should feel comfortable knowing he's behind bars today because he's a dangerous dude."

Flynn was 16 in 1994 when his mother, Mary Thompson, ordered the murder of 17-year-old Aaron Iturra to keep him from testifying against Flynn in a stabbing case. Two teen gang members shot and killed Iturra as he slept.

Police said Flynn, who had been told to stay out of Lane County by parole officials, was seen hanging around outside a Eugene bank on Thursday.

Officers moved in and used a flash-bang grenade to distract Flynn and take him into custody.