Police: Gangs are not setting up in Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg police say although there are a few people in town who are claiming to have former ties to gangs, they are not trying to set up shop in Douglas County.

Officials with the Roseburg Police Department say that a citizen sent an email about alleged gang activity after the school resource officer gave a presentation to Roseburg High School staff about gang awareness.

Concerns also stemmed from recent graffiti found along Harvard Avenue.

Sgt. Jeff Eichenbusch from RPD says they are aware of the few individuals who claim to have former involvement with gangs, but they don't think the people are in Roseburg to start up a new gang.

Eichenbusch says the department takes gang activity very seriously and does everything it can to prevent illegal gangs from establishing themselves in our community.

In a release sent out Wednesday, the department said:

"Many times individuals, especially youth, will claim gang affiliation because they think it is cool or gives them a particular status. Many times they will also apply graffiti or take other actions to try and legitimatize themselves. Many times when we come across graffiti, it is something that the individual has seen on TV or online, and they mimic it, again to try and create a status. The Roseburg Police Department and its community partners will continue to work diligently to prevent these types of groups from establishing themselves in our community."

Police say if anyone from the community has concerns, or believe they have observed gang activity, they can contact the Roseburg Police Department.