Police find 3 Winston bomb threats

WINSTON, Ore. -- Police officers in Winston say they found three different bomb threats outside a local business.

Authorities say that three separate written statements about 20 feet apart were found outside the Antique Mall and Father's House in the 100 block of Douglas Blvd.

Police say the threats were made to everyone in the businesses.

The threats talked about a bomb going off on two separate dates, June 30 and July 2.

Officials say there were also several derogatory statements made toward police.

Richard Vause saw the threats when he showed up for work, and says it isn't fair to the public or his business. "There are so many threats out there and notes, people are getting desensitized to them," Vause said. "It cheapens the looks of the business because something was there and had to be spray painted."

Vause says that if anything, the threats are just plain annoying.

He says he believes people do this for attention, and he doesn't think if a bomb were actually going to be set off, that a person would announce the times the way someone did in these threats.