Police: Drunk driver hits parked cars, fences and street sign

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A drunk driver tried to escape police on foot early Sunday morning after multiple accidents left his car inoperable, police said.

Just after midnight an officer was called out to a hit-and-run crash in the 600 block of G St. in Springfield.

Police said that a driver ran into the side of three parked cars and continued down the street.

The officer said that the driver, later identified as Gerardo Castro-Aguirre, 25 of Springfield, drove onto several properties along 7th St., knocking down fences and tearing up lawns.

As the patrol car continued down 7th St. with its overhead lights on, Castro-Aguirre started to drive away.

Police said that the car pursuit was short-lived because the front of Castro-Aguirre's car was broken, making it difficult to drive.

Castro-Aguirre ran from the officer on foot but was taken into custody a short time later, officials said.

The arresting officer conducted a DUII investigation and confirmed that Castro-Aguirre was impaired.

Mario Hines who lives on the street said that he heard a loud thump and went outside to find his front yard in shambles.

"We're not really sure how he did that. You can see over here it looks like theres tracks that go this way and they just missed their car but hit their porch," Hines told KVAL News. "The way the tracks go I'm not sure he really managed to hit their porch, hit our fence and did donuts in the middle of the road. And end up back here."

Castro-Aguirre was taken to the Springfield Jail and booked on multiple charges, including DUII, reckless driving, resisting arrest and 5 counts of hit-and-run.

Police said that Castro-Aguirre hit three parked cars, destroyed multiple yards and fences and hit a street sign on Springfield High School property while behind the wheel late Saturday/early Sunday morning.