Police detective accused of DUI, resisting arrest

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A police detective faces charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest.

Eugene Police arrested Springfield Police Detective Marco Espinoza on Saturday night.

The officer saw Espinoza and a woman arguing outside a car on Chambers and Roosevelt.

The officer suspected Espinoza had been drinking and driving. Instead of agreeing to be taken into custody, Espinoza became verbally aggressive and resisted arrest, Eugene Police allege.

"I think it's important to realize this is an organization that is made up of regular citizens, and we ask them to step up to the plate and do things that are extraordinary on a regular basis," Springfield Police Chief Tim Doney said, "and this is a reminder that the police department is represented of the bigger community that we serve and sometimes we have employees that make mistakes."

Espinoza's court date is set for July 7.

He is on paid administrative leave from the police department, Doney said.

Doney said he could not discuss whether or not a conviction would cost Espinoza his job.