Police: Couple had sex in car parked outside jail

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A couple had sex in a car parked in front of the city jail Sunday evening, police said.

A caller reported the activity to police and said motorists were slowing down to watch.

"Officers responded to the front of the jail and found the couple still actively engaged," Springfield Police said in a press release.

Police arrested Kelli M. Knutson, 24, and Logan P. Jackson, 33, on charges of Indecent Exposure and Disorderly Conduct II.

Officers booked Knutson into the Lane County Jail.

Officers walked Jackson into the Springfield Municipal Jail.

'Caught up in the moment'

Sgt. Rich Charboneau said Knutson and Jackson had been at the Brick House strip club.

According to police, the couple efore 5:45 p.m., they left the strip club, walked across the street, got into their parked car and started having sex, he said.

The couple told officers they were too "caught up in the moment" to realize their activity had caused a line of traffic outside the Springfield Jail.

Charboneau said it was because of those onlookers - and the traffic jam - that officers broke up the activity and made the arrests.

"We'd normally tell them to go someplace that's safer than a parking lot, or wherever we might find them," he said. "In this case, we had traffic being slowed down, we had someone complaining about it, so we had to take action."

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