Police check trucks for safety violations

EUGENE, Ore. - Law enforcement stopped trucks on Beltline on Monday to check for safety violations.

Last month, more than half of the 22 trucks that came through an an inspection site in the Eugene area didn't pass.

On Monday on the corner of Beltline and West 11th, six of the 21 trucks failed.

An improvement - but still not as good as the national average, said Sgt. Ron Tinseth with the Eugene Police Department.

"Nationwide, there's about a 15 percent out of service - which is when a vehicle is inspected about 15 percent of the time there's some significant defect that the inspector finds that the driver has to fix before they can continue," he said.

During an inspection, certified truck inspection officers check the vehicle's tires, systems components and lights.

If the driver has been commuting between states, they must present a log that shows they have been getting enough sleep.

The operation is part of an effort to reduce the number of traffic crashes and make the road safer by enforcing the laws, ordinances, and safety regulations pertaining to weights and measures along with truck safety requirements, the Eugene Police Departemtn said.