Police: Body found in Eugene Millrace had 'no signs of foul play'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A man was found floating in the Eugene Millrace Friday afternoon near E 11th Ave. and Ferry St., police officials said.

The man, who police hope to identify with an autopsy scheduled for Monday, was white and in his late 40s or early 50s.

There were no obvious signs of foul play surrounding his death, Eugene Police Lieutenant Eric Klinko said.

Officers were called out to the Eugene Millrace at around 2:15 p.m. Saturday after it was spotted by a resident at the nearby Eugene Manor Apartment complex at 11th Avenue and Ferry Street.

"Her and her boyfriend had seen the individual, although they didn't recognize it as such," said Klinko. "When she saw the person, really the only thing that was sticking out of the water was the blue coat."

Officials believe the man had been in the water for at least five days. Lieutenant Klinko said he was surprised the body wasn't found sooner as the spot is a popular spot for homeless people.

"It may have been submerged just enough that nobody saw it, and overtime it rose to the surface," said Lt. Klinko.

Klinko says it's possible the man was a part of the homeless community.