Police: Bicyclist stabbed road-rage driver who attacked him

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A driver in a pickup truck got mad at a bicyclist and chased him down Saturday afternoon only to have the bicyclist pull out a knife and stab the driver, Springfield Police said.

"You hear all the time about road rage getting out of hand," Sgt. Dave Lewis said.

Police say the driver, identified as Ryan Thomas, 42, encountered 27-year-old bicyclist Brandon Jones at 4th and Main. What happened there remains under investigation.

Thomas followed Jones to 6th and D, where he got out of his truck and attacked the cyclist, police said.

Jones pulled out a knife and stabbed Thomas, police said.

"People need to really think if their actions are going to be worth what might be the ultimate outcome of it," Sgt. Lewis said.

Thomas required surgery and is recovering in a local hospital.

Lewis said both men could have stopped the situation before it escalated into a stabbing.

"If he had never chased him, it would have been avoided," Lewis said.

The investigation remains open. No charges have been filed.

Even if the stabbing proves to be in self-defense, Lewis said the bicyclist could have taken steps to avoid a confrontation with the driver.

"Just try to ride to a place where you're in public and avoid any confrontation, if you possibly can," Lewis said.