Police at home of missing woman's former boyfriend

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Police remained overnight at the Cottage Grove home of the former boyfriend of a Beaverton woman reported missing earlier this month.

Tammy Borda

Cottage Grove police confirmed Tuesday that there is an active investigation underway at 1411 W Birch Ave. in Cottage Grove in connection to the case of missing 55-year-old Tammy Borda of Beaverton.

According to an address search, a man by the name of David Bowen lives in the home at that address.

Bowen is the same name Cottage Grove police gave as the former boyfriend of Borda. The two were seen together over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Borda has been missing since December 2.

Patricia Manning, who said she is a longtime friend of Borda, confirmed at the scene that investigators are at Bowen's home.

Borda's family said she traveled from Beaverton to Cottage Grove to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Police also said she was seen with her ex-boyfriend, David Bowen.

Police said Borda arranged to have her sister pick her up in Cottage Grove and give her a ride back to Beaverton. They spoke by cell phone on December 2, but now her cell phone is turned off and her voicemail box is full.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call Cottage Grove police at (541) 942-9145.