Police: Armed standoff in neighborhood ends safely

EUGENE, Ore. -- Police ended a standoff with an armed woman with tear gas early Saturday morning, after official reported that she stole her roommate's loaded gun and refused to leave her north Eugene home.

At around 2:30 Saturday morning, Eugene Police received a call reporting that a 46-year-old woman was threatening to kill herself inside of her home in the 1300 block of Keller Street.

The caller told police that the woman was armed with a gun she took from her roommate and had fired a round from a pistol before the call.

Lieutennant Doug Mozan with the Eugene Police Department said that the woman not only posed a threat to herself, but to the whole neighborhood.

"She was very aggressive, she was very confrontational and she wanted police officers to come into the house," Lt. Mozan said. "Officers knew that there were several other loaded guns inside the house and that this woman has access to them."

Once police arrived at the scene officers attempted to coerce the woman out of the house. The woman responded by telling officers to come inside and get her.

Eugene Police called out the SWAT team to help get the woman outside of the home. After more negotiations, officials authorized officers to use tear gas and an armored vehicle to get police closer to the home.

Officials said that the woman surrendered at 7:50 a.m., and officers safely took her into protective custody. She was taken to the University District Hospital for mental health treatment.