Police: 3 hurt in hashish lab explosion in rented room

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- At least three people were injured at the Douglas Inn in downtown Roseburg Monday afternoon in what police believe was an explosion during a hashish manufacturing process.

Roseburg Police Sgt. Aaron Dunbar said that police and fire crews were called to the inn on SE Stephens Street at around 2 p.m. for a report of an explosion.

He says three people were injured in the blast, which completely destroyed the room.

Dunbar says one wall was completely blown out, and the windows were laying in pieces in the parking lot.

Police say it appears to have been caused by subjects making drugs. "Evidence indicates that they were probably making hashish in the room and using some type of an accelerant along with the marijuana, trying to extract the THC out of that, and that accelerant exploded while they were in the room," Dunbar said.

All three were taken to Mercy Medical Center and treated for injuries.

The three have not been identified as of Monday afternoon.

Dunbar says most people would think an explosion means meth lab, but any manufacturing process can lead to this. "In the past, when we'd see an explosion or a fire in a motel room, we thought meth lab. We haven't seen the number of meth labs recently that we had historically, but we are seeing a lot of drug activity in the Roseburg area now," said Dunbar.

Roseburg police, Roseburg Fire Department and other investigators responded to the scene.