Philomath woman on way home from Haiti caught in chaos of Fort Lauderdale shooting

EUGENE, Ore. - A registered nurse from Philomath on her way home from performing aid work in Haiti found herself caught in the chaotic aftermath of the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport Friday.

Aslan Noakes was unharmed. The shooting took place in another terminal.

"Landed in Ft Lauderdale, arriving just in time for a shooting at the next terminal over," she wrote on Facebook. "Sheesh. I feel safer in Haiti..."

"Suddenly we heard screaming in our terminal and everyone was running and ducking for cover...then we saw people running out the jet here we all are. Seems like there's still an active threat," she posted on Facebook.

But she found herself stranded on the tarmac as the sun set Friday without her baggage.

"In all the chaos, I ran out of the airport with my purse but had to leave my roller bag of course I ended up having an asthma attack and my inhaler was in that bag. Thank God for the Good Samaritan with albuterol out here on the tarmac," she posted on Facebook.

Noakes spoke with KVAL News by phone Friday as she awaited word on when she could continue on her way home to Oregon.

"Just mass chaos ensued, sounds like there was not a second shooter," she said by phone. "But everyone was tearful, a guy slipped over a wall trying to get out, a little boy got seperated from his dad and was panicked looking for him. When they got reunited out on the tarmac, the whole place clapped and was crying, it was absolute chaos."

DEVELOPING STORY | Hear from Aslan Noakes #LiveOnKVAL

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