Pfeiffer joins ranks of Oregon wineries with indoor vino venue

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - No avoiding it: In Oregon, it rains.

And when it pours, wineries like Pfeiffer Winery want to keep on doing the same.

That's why Robin and Danuta Pfeiffer have joined the ranks of Oregon wineries with indoor venues.

"We wanted something cozy, and we wanted a place that when people came here to taste our wines, or come out here for an event or gathering, they could come and sit by the fire," Danuta Pfeiffer said.

And that's exactly what guests are in for: from glass walls to a fireplace and heaters, there's nothing grey or cloudy about the vineyard's newest addition.

"This covered area gives you a plan B if you can't be outside so that you can be inside so that on any given day or weekend, when somebody comes, you have someplace where they can go," said Robin Pfeiffer.

Their pavilion, built in August, debuted last week.

Charles Humble with the Oregon Wine Board said the more customers a vineyard gets, the more likely they will expand.

And having visitors is essential for the Pfeiffers: their wine only sells at the venue and online.

"In order to try some of our wines, you have to visit us," she said, "and you have to meet us."