Pet and Costume Parade: 'Dogs are like little angels'

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - Pets of all types paraded their stuff at the 61st annual Junction City Pet and Costume Parade this weekend.

Before the parade started, visitors could watch the Springfield Police Department's Canine Unit put on a demonstration.

During the parade, there were performances from Junction City high school's cheerleading team, live polka music, face-painting, a truck full of Lochmead Dairy's chocolate milk, and - of course - plenty of pets.

Leslie Cromer and her husband attended the parade for the first time to support their daughter, a cheerleader walking in the parade.

Two miniature dachshunds, Cuddles and Sir Charles, trotted beside them.

"Dogs are like little angels, and I really do believe that they are angels," Cromer said. "They love you unconditionally."

On the sidelines of the parade were several groups representing veterinary clinics and non-profit organizations.

"I think the parade is to help people recognize how important their pets really are to them and to build community," said Diana Bus, vice president of the executive board at a community veterinary center for low-income households.

Bus said pets are great companions. "They forgive you for your shortcomings," she said. "Unlike people sometimes."

The fair also included prizes for children in nine categories: large dog, small dogs, cats, feathered friends, large animals, small animals, costumes, bicycles, and other wheels.