Peril at the pizza parlor: 'I think they're going to break down the door'

EUGENE, Ore. - The couple had been at the pizza restaurant for a while.

"We had like tried to help him out the whole night," Soren Kaldaho recalled.

To the staff serving up slices, they were helping a customer who maybe had too much to drink.

As Whirled Pies went to close up at 10 p.m., staff asked the woman and man to leave.

"We locked up the doors," said Natalie Gattis, "and after like 5 minutes of him being gone, he started banging on the door, like really hard, like the things on top of the door were falling off.

"I saw them outside the door like messing with the planter," she said, "and I was like, I think they're going to break down the door."

That is when the suspects grbbed a planter, picked it up and shoved it through the front door, sending glass flying everywhere, according to the account of events.

Gattis and Kaldaho took refuge in the basement.

"I was on the phone downstairs crying with the cops, and was like you need to hurry, he's upstairs in our restaurant!" she said. "I heard the glass crash, and I was like run! And we ran, and he was shutting the doors behind us through the restaurant."

"I was about to grab a bottle and break it over his head, like I was so mad at him. I was like you cannot do that to us," said Soren Kaldaho. "This is my family restaurant."

Police said the suspect - identified as 32-year-old Matthew Curtis Bossard - fashioned a wick from a curtain and set a bottle of moonshine on fire.

"I thought he was going to blow the place down," Kaldaho said. "I really thought he was going to hurt us, like - that was terrifying."

Officers arrived and took Bossard and his companion, 36-year-old Leticia K. Kagele, into custody. Police jailed the two on charges of arson and burglary.

In Oregon, burglary charges can be pursued when someone enters a place with the intent to commit a felony, like arson.

"They were smart," co-worker Laurel Biy said. "They just got away from the people and called 911 right away."