Pennies for Jenny: 'She experiences pain on a constant basis'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- For one Springfield woman, each day is a victory.

Jenny Lecompte has had a rare disease, trigeminal neuralgia, for over half of her life. The disease causes what some call the worst pain known to man.

Pricilla McNary said that the pain her friend Jenny experiences on a daily basis is excruciating.

That is why friends and family members organized a silent auction, called "Pennies for Jenny"

"She experiences pain on a constant basis, it ebbs and flows," said McNary. "But today was a huge, huge event."

On Sunday, dozens of people came out to the ARC of Lane County in Springfield to show their support by bidding on items donated by community members.

Lecompte said that her third corrective brain surgery left her with even more pain than before.

"Before the surgery she was able to function but now it has completely knocked her down," said McNary.

The disease has left her unable to work, and Jenny does not have health insurance; making her life as a mother challenging.

Katie Dunne, one of the organizers of the event said that some of the bids were reaching as high as $100.

"I just had a woman come up to me and say that her husband who is not an emotional guy read the story in the newspaper and cried and said 'We have to do something'," said Dunne.

For Jenny, part of the event was about educating people about trigeminal neuralgia.

Even though her painful disease only allowed her to attend for a few short moments, Jenny came out and visited with a few of those who came out to show support.

Many people at the auction wore teal, the color representing unity in fighting for a cure.

"She is doing it and making everything work and taking care of her son, Connor," Dunne said. "It is amazing to be a part of it and be friends with her."

Friends said that Jenny has never asked for help with her disease until now, even though she has suffered over 15 years.

Organizers said that every penny raised will help Jenny and her son through this difficult time.

For more information about Jenny's struggle and how to help visit her Facebook page.