Passing driver pulls woman from river with jumper cables

EDDYVILLE, Ore. -- A Toledo man pulled a woman to safety from the Yaquina River on Monday (Dec. 17) after her car rolled off the highway, down an embankment and into the water, police said.

Officials said that Cynthia Spare, 30 of Toledo, was driving on Hwy 20 west of Eddyville when she lost control of her car in a corner and ended up in the river.

Glenn Faxon, 49 of Toledo, was driving in the opposite direction when he saw Spare's Subaru partially floating in the river about 10 feet out from the bank, police said.

Faxon told police that he stopped at the scene, grabbed a jumper cable and ran down to the riverside.

Police said that Faxon then tossed one end of the jumper cable to Spare, who got out of her car through a broken window. He then pulled Spare to shore as her car sank underwater, officials said.

Spare had a small injury, but did not need to be taken to the hospital.

"Our sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Faxon. Because of the nature of this incident, emergency responders did not have time to reach Ms. Spear. Without his help, the outcome could have been tragic," said Lieutenant Justin McGladrey from the OSP Newport Area Command office.

A tow company from Albany worked with a diver to get the car out of the river.