Party band: Police seized gear as evidence of 'noise'

EUGENE, Ore. - The band performing at a party raided by police on Friday said officers seized some of their gear - and they can't gig without it.

Eugene Police arrested 23 people at the Campbell Club at 16th and Alder on Friday night.

The band Pluto the Planet was performing at the party. They contacted KVAL News to give their side of the story.

"After they got the search warrant, they came in and broke down doors in the house," said band member Elliott Fromm. "They arrested people who were asleep who had nothing to do with the party."

KVAL News asked the Eugene Police Department about the incident. A spokeswoman confirmed that officers had seized some of the band's equipment but knew little else about the case. The department said someone would be available Wednesday to talk more about the case.

The band, who reached out to KVAL News and offered themselves as a "sober" perspective on what happened, disputed the official police account of an officer being surrounded by partiers.

"If you looked out of the window there was clearly not anybody surrounding officers or attacking officers," Fromm said.

Fromm said police took two of the bands amplifiers and a synthesizer as evidence of noise.

The band members said officers gave them conflicting messages when they attempted to leave the campbell club.

"Outside upon exiting a police officer actually told us, 'Oh your music wasn't actually the reason police were called. You were not the noise complaint,' but they proceeded to take our gear anyways," said Tony Svenson from Pluto the Planet.

Without their gear, the band can't perform. They've been told it could take a month to a year or more for them to get their gear back.

"Of course there are things that can make noise in the house," Fromm said, "and I don't understand why they need to keep it for months on end. They said it could be anywhere from a month to multiple years until we get it back."