Park hosts move in at the Fern Ridge Reservoir

EUGENE, Ore. -- Last month, the Tucker family moved into the Orchard Point Marina as the first park hosts at Fern Ridge Reservoir.

That means they live inside the park year round making sure the area is clean and everyone is safe.

The Lane County Parks Department told KVAL that the idea of instituting a park host came after two separate incidents of vandalism last year. On one occassion, several boats were untied and went adrift. The other incident occured last August when 8 motors were stolen from boats.

Wesley and Mary Tucker accepted the responsibilities of monitoring the park from their post at the marina.

"It'll be more secure. People's boats will be safer and as they'll see when they come here, we fully intend on meeting everyone and saying hello," Wesley said.

After two weeks the Tuckers have started getting comfortable in their new home with their pets, Tuck the dog and Maddie the Parrot.

Living at Fern Ridge is a dream come true for the couple, as they've spent each Wednesday coming to the park on dates for years.

"Every day is like a date day now," laughed Mary. "Because we get to be out here on the lake each day!"

Wesley has been in the security business for over 25 years. He says that the trade-off of care-taking and security are a small price to pay for living at the park with most expenses paid for.

The couple says it's a simple life, and they're hoping it'll stay that way.