Parents: Bullying drove teen to kill self

ALBANY, Ore. - Kaitlyn Boris was a 15-year-old who could light up the room with her smile.

"She was full of life, and always joking," said Dennis Boris, Kaitlyn's father.

But nothing could prepare Kaitlyn's family for what she would do on one dreaded Saturday afternoon.

"She was at home with her sister, and dad came home and found her," said Patricia Nesbitt, Kaitlyn's grandmother.

The 15-year-old had loaded a .45 caliber gun and taken her own life within a matter of seconds.

"None of us could believe what happened," Nesbitt said.

Within the last week, Kaitlyn's family found notes she had written about "kids tripping her down stairs" and "footballs getting thrown at her face."

After reading these notes, her family said it all became clear that their daughter was a victim of bullying.

"We're finding notes saying how she despised herself," said Dennis Boris, Kaitlyn's father.

"When she looked in the mirror, she just saw nothing but ugliness, and she was so beautiful," he said.

"There was nothing wrong with her."

Kaitlyn's family said she would draw to cope with the pain.

"In the last picture we have from her, those are tears coming down her face," Nesbitt said.

Kaitlyn's family is hoping to raise awareness about bullying in the community to help keep a tragedy like this from happening to someone else.

"Parents need to ask those tough questions, push it out of your kids and don't just let it go," said Kelly Boris, Kaitlyn's mother.

"Just always give your kid a hug, because you never know."

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