Pain Consultants of Oregon closing doors after over 20 years in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - A medical clinic for people coping with chronic pain plans to close its doors after 22 years.

Pain Consultants of Oregon will see its final patients on January 27.

"You know, it really saddens me greatly to make the decision to close my practice. Simply financially, I can't maintain it," said Dr. Peter Kosek, who owns Pain Consultants.

Kosek made the decision last week, but traced the roots of the difficulty to the departure of 2 physicians from the practice. Pain Consultants was unable to find replacements, and the financial burden became too much, he said.

He has referred his patients to other local providers.

"We've also contacted those offices so they're aware that they can expect to see our patients and take care of our patients," he said.

Douglas Jones, a patient at Pain Consultants, is said to see the practice close.

"Dr. Kosek and the pain clinic have kept me going and many others. We're going to miss him, we love him and hope the best for him, too," Jones said. "Dr. Kosek has taken care of me for, it seems like, for over 20 years."

Pain Consultants directed patients to other possible providers.

"Because there's several hundred of us, we’re going to be looking for new places, and I know there's going to be a lot of people that need help that I hope the surrounding pain clinics will reach out and help us out," Jones said.

The Pain Consultants website contains information on what patients need to do now to find a new provider.

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