Owners frustrated after Portland food carts burglarized

PORTLAND, Ore- They're a Portland staple, spread out all across the city, they've become a part of the culinary culture here.

But recently, thieves have been targeting food carts more frequently, as evidenced by yet another break-in Friday at a food cart pod near 50th and S.E. Division.

The owners think the thieves may have been casing this place for a while. They went into a neighbor's back yard, hopped a fence where they knew cameras couldn't see them, and then went straight for this food cart where they picked the lock and let themselves in.

Daniel Hamm is the co-owner of Lou's Ragin' Ravioli.

He closed up Thursday night, and by the time he got back to work Friday morning his iPad was gone along with cash.

He called the police right away - they're tracking down some possible leads but the damage is already done.

"Oh man, it's infuriating," Hamm said No one's getting rich off food carts. We do this because we have a passion for our food. To target a small business like this it's infuriating," Hamm said.

Hamm lost more than $1,000 and had to shut down for two days to deal with the break in.

Now they're looking at investing in new security cameras and say they learned the hard way to never leave any valuables inside the cart.