Over $100K spent on Occupy Eugene by city, police

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene police officials say the city has spent approximately $115,804 for Occupy Eugene. Lt. Doug Mozan says it's an unofficial, approximate number because the city is still finalizing payroll numbers.

"That money has been spent on regular time for city staff, officers, and other city staff," Mozan said. "Overtime for some police and other staff that have been called out for special events and protests."

Mozan says a bulk of the money - $72,731 - is to pay overtime for police officers.

"Overtime has mostly been about the movements. The initial phases of Occupy Eugene we sent folks for the march and the initial occupation. We had some planning that went along with that," said Mozan.

Some people living at the Occupy Eugene camp say their tent city is actually better for Eugene Police.

"Potentially the people they're patrolling, say downtown, are here. So that's lessening a burden in other parts of town," said Occupy Eugene camper Matthew Lehr.

"They're not throwing money into this random street downtown where there's nobody down at 9th and Pearl where everyone used to be at," said Keith Juart. "There's nobody downtown anymore."