Outpouring of love from community still flowing for Heichel

GRESHAM, Ore. - The outpouring of support and love from the community toward the 21-year-old woman found murdered late last week hasn't slowed.

Over the weekend, a couple hundred people came to the Starbucks where Whitney Heichel worked for a candlelight vigil, and late Monday a couple dozen people were there again with candles.

Heichel left for work the morning of Oct. 16 but never made it. Police say 24-year-old Jonathan D. Holt, an acquaintance, forced Heichel at gunpoint to drive to Roslyn Lake in Clackamas County after asking her for a ride. Police say he then sexually assaulted Heichel and then shot her four times, killing her. Heichel's body was found on Larch Mountain Friday night.

The support for Heichel has come from friends and strangers. The tragedy has touched many, which was evident from the long lines at Dutch Bros. Coffee Monday. The coffee shop will give half of Monday's proceeds to help Heichel's family. Over the weekend, people also lined up at RealTime Roasters to also help the family financially.

It's what the community wants - to give to the people who had so much taken from them.

Members of the community also left a memorial outside Whitney's apartment, and Whitney's husband, Clint, received flowers, cards and money from residents at his workplace, a Gresham apartment complex.

The community has opened their wallets and their hearts for a family in need to "let them know that there are people out there who care, everybody cares, everybody remembers, everybody - even people who don't know her, this story has touched everybody's lives," said Kari McVay.

Whitney's co-workers at Starbucks also donated many of their tips to her family. Her family has told KATU News how grateful they are for the kindness and generosity of the community.

Holt appeared in court Monday afternoon and was charged with kidnapping, robbery, sodomy and murder.