Out of ban on Valentine's Day cards and candy, a hero is born

EUGENE, Ore. - Decked out in red, white and pink, a caped crusader of sorts set out to make a difference in the lives of some kids Thursday.

"My senses picked up that there were some disheartened children here today," Captain Valentine said.

A local dad, the Captain said he couldn't bear the thought of McCornack Elementary School banning Valentine's Day cards and candy.

"Two days ago I saw the post about no Valentine's here," he told KVAL News. "Yesterday I threw the outfit together, today I went and got the poster board."

Decked out in his superhero gear, he greeted kids from across the street as they left school on Thursday.

He said the response was all positive, and some kids even called him their hero.

"I'm just a concerned parent that thinks the kids should have something uplifting in a world that seems to be always compromising and you get bad news, this is a good news day," he said.

Many parents and kids stopped to snap a picture with Captain Valentine before heading home for the day.

And the school's principal approached him about what he was doing.

"She was cordial," he said. "She just wanted to know why I was here, I think we had a good rapport. She's over the children, it's her responsibility and stewardship to find out who is this guy in white and red parked outside the school, it's concerning the kids. So we had a good rapport with each other, shook hands and it was fine."

He said his one wish was to make the kids smile, show them someone cares and share the spirit of Valentine's Day.

"Not saving the world, just spreading smiles," Captain Valentine said. "It doesn't cost a thing. Just smile and wave, Happy Valentine's Day!"