'Our schools need funding, this is a way we can help'

LEABURG, Ore. -- For many families celebrating Christmas, it is a tradition to venture out to a farm and pick the tree you take home and decorate.

Families can pick out their tree at Spring Creek Holly Farm, with half of the purchase price going to a worthy cause.

For each tree purchased, Spring Creek Holly Farm donates 50% of the money to any school the buyer chooses.

Farm manager Jim Russel said that the farm gave away $4,600 to schools in the Eugene and Springfield.

"Our schools need funding," Russel said. "If this is a way we can help the schools then we are doing a service to the community."

Soriah Ellison went out to Spring Creek Holly Farm on Sunday to pick out a tree with her grandparents.

"I felt good about it because my school does a lot of fundraisers and they don't usually make enough money for what they want so my school could close." Soriah said.

The farm is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day until Christmas.