OSU health studies: 'It's really about getting off the couch'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Researchers at Oregon State University have been taking a look at the science behind healthy living.

Two recently published studies from OSU have some simple steps to help with your health.

Public Health and Human Sciences professor Don Jump said the western diet is known for having a high-cholesterol load and damaging effects on health.

"Through Omega 3s were able to reverse the action of western diet," Jump said.

Omega 3, often taken through fish oil capsules, is known to stimulate fatty acid oxidation and reduce inflammation.

"That sort of gives us a little hope that there's a broader impact of omega 3s," said Jump.

In a separate study researchers like Brad Cardinal examined physical activity levels, taking into account everything from going shopping or doing household chores.

"How often, how hard, how long. This gets at the how hard question," said Cardinal. "It's really about getting off the couch or think about ways to break up sedentary living."

He recommends people break up their time spent sitting by busting out a few jumping jacks or with a quick 30-second plank.

"This might be very great for older adult who really aren't going to engage in moderate to vigorous activity," said Cardinal.

There are still insulin and cholesterol benefits to interjecting your day with some light exercise for people with an average Body Mass Index.

"We're really just trying to encourage people to be physically active, and be healthy for life," said Cardinal.

Both Cardinal and Jump agree that combining a healthy diet with a variety of physical activity is the best way to improve your health.