Organic shopper: 'We will continue, no matter what Stanford says'

EUGENE, Ore. - Richard Wilen knows all about organic produce.

As the owner of Hayhurst Valley Organic Farm & Nursery, he said he prides himself on selling the freshest fruits and veggies.

"When you have ripe produce, all the vitamins have fully formed, all the sugars have come out," he said.

So he was shocked to hear about a recent Stanford University study, that states organic foods aren't as nutritious as we think.

"To me it's a very big concern," said Wilen.

A team of Stanford doctors led the research, which looked at hundreds of studies comparing organic eating to conventional eating.

What they found was there wasn't strong evidence that organic foods were more nutritious or carried fewer health risks.

Those are findings that Wilen said could affect business.

"With this somebody can say well, if it makes no difference you know nutritionally, then I'm not going to spend the money.," he said.

Regardless of the study, shoppers at the Tuesday farmers market in downtown Eugene said they're going to continue to buy organic products.

"I don't believe it at all, not one bit of it," said shopper Mary Huse. "And I think organic is the only way to eat and it's a way to say healthy."

And she said it won't stop her from staying organic.

"Absolutely, we will continue, no matter what Stanford says."