Oregon World War II memorial stops in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Oregon World War II Memorial is making a tour of cities and towns across the state before its installation at the state capitol grounds in Salem.

The obelisk made a stop in Eugene on Thursday, giving people a first-hand look at the towering monument dedicated to those Oregonians who served our country.

The memorial will also help to educate people about Oregon's contributions to World War II. Lou Jaffe of the Oregon WWII Memorial Foundation said they are trying to pair the state's history with modern technology. The memorial features QR codes imprinted next to the names of those who served, each linked to personal stories about the war on the web.

"Women built ships in Portland. It was probably our nation's finest hour, coming together in a unified manor. And that's what we're trying to preserve," said Jaffe.

The memorial will continue south for a stop at the Cottage Grove Elks Club on Friday. You can find a full list of tour sites at the Oregon World War II Memorial website.