Oregon State launches Beaver cheese

CORVALLIS, Ore. - The Oregon State Beavers have had a lot to brag about lately, especially their football team.

Now they have something else to talke about: their very own cheese. Beaver Classic launched this past September after years of development.

First sold at home football games, the cheese is now available for sale online for $10 a wedge.

"It's got that really nutty, very buttery, kind of subtle flavor and pretty much anywhere you use swiss, you could use Beaver Classic," said OSU dairy student Parker Cooper.

The cheese is handmade by Oregon State dairy students like Cooper, who are paid for their work just like at a regular business.

"We're really involved in all aspects from getting the milk to packaging it and selling it," said Cooper.

Instructor Lisbeth Goddick said students are involved in the entire process from start to finish.

"The real idea was to provide the best possible training and education for our students," said Goddick.

Even the name of the cheese and the packaging artwork was all selected by students.

"The idea is everything has to be student driven," said Goddick. "So we had a competition for all the students on campus and it ended up being three students who came up with the winning design."

It takes about six months for the cheese to fully develop and be packaged like this. And students say it truly is a labor of love.

"We develop quite a relationship with the cheeses after washing them three times a week," said student Ally Cooper.

And she said even though some days are long, it's worth it.

"It's also really fun to sell it at the games and see all the customers get really excited about it."