Oregon embraces heat: 'I don't want to hide out in the A/C'

EUGENE, Ore. - Kids frolicked in the mist at the spray play area in Washington park Friday as temperatures climbed above seasonal averages.

Forecasters said the American West faces a week-long heat wave, with temperatures in the Willamette Valley likely to crest 90 by early next week.

The spray play area was popular with parents and kids looking to beat the heat while enjoying the sunny weather.

"I don't want to hide out in the air conditioning all weekend, so hopefully well get some day camping in and get in the pool, and it should be fun," said Jamie Schack.

For folks who want to escape the heat, relief is a short drive away on the Oregon Coast.

"We love going to the river and to the ocean, head over to the coast and hide from the heat when it gets too hot," said Amy Ayrsman.

After a few days of rain, including a deluge Wednesday, the clear skies had people talking - but not too much.

"It's pretty unbelievable to not have any clouds in the sky," Ben Casiano said, "but we try not to talk about it too much and jinx ourselves. Don't wanna do that. No no but well try to stay positive."