Oregon Bach Festival celebrates music that's 'more vibrant than ever'

The Oregon Bach Festival has entertained music lovers in Eugene since 1971. The event continues until July 10. (Photo by Tom Adams)

EUGENE, Ore. - The Oregon Bach Festival melodically entertained crowds Tuesday at the Hult Center.

The Oregon Bach Festival has entranced visitors in Eugene since 1971.

Tuesday, a baroque violin duo played selections from period instruments from the 1700s.

The Oregon Bach Festival is comprised of 50 concerts, lectures and community events from the end of June through July 10. The 2016 theme is "Take the Journey."

"So you've seen already this season music from Germany. We've had tango music from Argentina. Coming up this weekend we've got a world premier from a Scottish composer," said Josh Gren, the Oregon Bach Festival marketing director.

Gren says people come to Eugene from all over the nation and the world. They expect 20,000 people to attend throughout the season.

"We have concerts all over town and it's really infusing music in to Eugene, but of course it has a huge economic impact. Folks coming from out of town," Gren said.

Programs range from the punch brothers to the festival finale, Brahms' Symphony Number 3. The Oregon Bach Festival strives to showcase a music that is not standing still.

"There's often this idea out there that classical or performing arts are dying and it's just not true. In fact, they are as vibrant now, if not more vibrant than ever," Gren said.

A 2013 report to the state legislature's Senate Business Committee showed the Bach Festival brings $6 million in revenue to the Willamette Valley.

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