OOOOOO no! Duck's streak stopped short

EUGENE, Ore. -- Going into Saturday afternoon's game as the No. 2 ranked team, duck fans across the nation thought they would be celebrating yet another victory in their streak of wins.

Instead duck fans had to turn their football parties into wakes as they mourned the death of the University of Oregon football program's undefeated 2012 season.

Students around the UO were heartbroken by the loss. Chris Gowdy said that he was unable to talk to his fellow classmates about the game for hours after the defeat, as he and thousands of other fans silently walked home from Autzen Stadium.

"You don't want to talk to anybody. Everyone was just dead-silent ... heads down, held in their hands," said Gowdy. "when I got home I just put my head on the table for about 20 minutes after the game, just devastated."

Everyone who watched Saturday night's game against the Stanford Cardinal has their own opinion on why the Ducks came up empty handed.

"The defense played OK, the offense played OK ... but I felt that Chip made so,e bad calls in the overtime drive and in critical points during the game." said Duck-fan Gregory Hardrick.

"There were a lot of calls and a lot of dumb mistakes we made, but there was a goofy time in the game where they thought it was a third down but it was clearly a first down," said UO student Cruz Castillo. "The refs made a couple of mistakes."

In spite of the loss, most fans said they thought both teams played a great game.

"We never actually lose. We lost one game last season and I enjoyed that game the most ... when we actually have some competition."

The Ducks may have lost their shot at a BCS championship game in Miami, but one of the biggest games of the season is still close on the horizon. Oregon will head to Corvallis next weekend to take on their home state rivals, Oregon State.

"I am ready for the Beavers! The Beavers have always put up a good fight, and they don't call 'em giant killers for nothing," said Gowdy. "They are a good team and the game will definitely bring out the rivalry."

Some new animosity may be brewing, because Stanford may have done more than just destroy the Ducks BCS Championship dreams. If the Cardinal wins next week's game against UCLA, there is a possibility that they might also take Oregon's slot in the PAC-12 title game.