One man's trash... 'Students just shed all of this amazing stuff'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- It's not hard to find something in a dumpster that you could re-use, Christine Dashiell said.

Living in a college town like Corvallis, Dashiell found that's especially true when students start to move out in summer.

"Sometimes you'll come upon some dumpster that you know some exchange student or a student that has to travel back abroad has just emptied out their whole apartment. Everything from beautiful rugs to lamps," said Dashiell.

She often takes those items to non-profit groups or second-hand stores, giving an item a second life.

While she often looks for things near the recycling bins, trashcans and dumpsters around the Oregon State campus, Dashiell said she started dumpster diving back in college. As an unpaid intern in Boston, it gave her a way to furnish her home and even put clothes on her back.

"I didn't have a lot of money and so I just walked around for entertainment, realizing all the wonderful things in a dumpster," Dashiell said.

After moving to Corvallis and starting her career, she said she forgot her old ways.

"I didn't think of it here until a friend was saying 'because of the college move out, the students just shed all of this amazing stuff'," Christine said.

For the five days between finals and trash day, she said there's plenty of items along the curb that could be reused by right person.

From iPhone cases and pillow cases to rain gear and umbrellas, Dashiell says students leave behind some great finds.

"I want to give things a second life when I know that there is nothing wrong with them. They're not broken or worn out, just some student that who couldn't be bothered with properly disposing of it or giving it to someone who really could use it," she said. "Before you throw something out, consider 'is it truly unusable by anybody?' You know, odds are it still has got some life in it."

Dashiell said she knows Looking through trash receptacles is illegal in Corvallis. She says most of the items she takes have been left on the street.