One couple, two stomachs, five months, five thousand miles

FLORENCE, Ore. -- One couple, two stomachs, five months and five thousand miles is the mantra of two organic farmers from Eugene who have embarked on a cross-country biking trip from the Oregon coast to Boston.

Tuula Rebhahn and Hannah Cooper have dubbed their five month trek across America the Food Cycles Bicycle Tour.

"There's that wind they were talking about," said Rebhahn as she pedaled toward the Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters for a pit stop in Florence, Oregon, on Thursday--the second day of the trip which started in Lincoln City.

Rebhahn and Cooper raised $5,000 dollars to bike from Lincoln City to Boston, Massachusetts in five months. They said they will be stopping at farms along the southern border of the US along the way.

"I think you're supposed to challenge yourself," said Cooper. "There's other ways. I think you're supposed to find a better way and a more sustainable way."

Cooper said they will spread the word about sustainable practices, buying locally grown food and biking instead of driving on their trip.

Rebhahn said the two will only spend $15 a day on the tripabout $100 a week for the two of them to live. To accomplish this goal, the two self proclaimed sustainability ambassadors said they will sleep in tents, cook their own meals, couch surf with friends along the way and eat at churches and non profits wherever they are welcome.

"The biggest setback for me is when we do talk to those occasional people who laugh at us and say we can't do that," said Rebhahn. "You'll give up after ten days. What are you, crazy?"

"We want people to know that's it's easier than you think," Rebhahn added. "You can bike 30 miles in a day and you can make dinner when you get there."

Rebhahn and Cooper said their goal is travel 60 miles each day. On the second day of their journey they camped out in Florence.