On-ramp traffic signals help break up Beltline congestion

EUGENE, Ore -- New traffic signals were installed along the on-ramps of the Beltline Wednesday, aimed at reducing delays during heavy traffic hours.

Oregon Department of Transportation engineers say that areas using "ramp meter" traffic signals see a decline in traffic bottlenecks and crashes.

Cars stop at the signals in two lanes, each with a red light. Alternating between the left and right lane the signals will turn green, allowing cars to shuffle into traffic along the Beltline.

Julie Infante is one of the ODOT engineers that installed the signals on the westbound Beltline on-ramp from Green Acres Road.

"Breaking up these groups of vehicles helps ease congestion and that also helps reduce crashes," Infante said.

The $2 million signal system project is funded by the 2009 Oregon Transportation Act, ODOT planner Savannah Crawford said.

"We need to start identifying short term improvements, low cost improvements that we can start helping manage the traffic flow on the Beltline, to improve safety and operations," said Crawford.

Eugene Police Officials said the signals were not a factor in a rollover crash in front of the Beltline on-ramp at Coburg Road.