'Oh say can you see...' Free eyeglasses for military veterans

EUGENE, Ore. -- The "Eyes Of Hope" mobile optometrist's office made a stop at the Eugene VFW building during its tour across the nation, offering free eye exams and glasses to anyone who has served in the military at one point in their life.

Kim Rankin is both a veteran and operations manager for the VSP-Transitions mobile eye clinic.

"It's everything that you would find in an optometrist's office except we have six wheels and a

Volunteer optometrist Dr. Robin Bautista said that while glasses weren't given out the same day, he takes veteran's prescription to make their pair of specs.

"What I'm definitely seeing is a loss of focus of objects up close which we can help with some glasses. I'm also seeing a lot of cataracts due to the patient demographic," said Dr. Bautista.

Army veteran William Raymond said he's thankful for the service being given to those who've served in the armed forces.

"I think it's a great thing being done here," Raymond said.

After the prescriptions are filled, glasses will be mailed to the Eugene Veterans of Foreign Wars building.

The next "Eyes Of Hope" stop is in Vallejo, California. You can visit their website for more information.