Officials urge public to store combustible materials properly

(SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Fire officials are reminding the public that highly flammable products need to be stored properly.

The warning comes after two house fires in Lane County Friday night that combustible materials.

Fire officials say you should keep combustible materials in a shed, fire cabinet, flammable liquid cabinet, or store them away from your home.

That includes items such as propane tanks, aerosol cans, spray paint and cleaning products.

Officials say these materials make it more difficult for firefighters to put out a fire.

That's why they're asking you to store them properly now, before a fire breaks out.

"Our fire prevention motto is you always have to think about fire safety,” says Amy Linder with Eugene-Springfield Fire. “Fire and life safety and injury prevention has to be in the forefront of everything you do."

Linder also says to keep your electrical panels clear from obstruction, so firefighters can turn off the power if they need to.

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