Official: No real threat to RHS, but will add security

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After receiving reports of an alleged act of violence that was rumored to take place at Roseburg High School on Friday, officials say that it is just that: a rumor.

Roseburg School Superintendent Dr. Larry Parsons says that Roseburg school officials report the rumor being started by some people misunderstanding a conversation between other people.

Officials say that even though there is no real threat to the kids at RHS on Friday, they will be adding additional security as a precaution.

After a KPIC viewer emailed in to ask about the rumor, Dr. Parsons responded to let everyone know that the rumor was unfounded.

Here is the text from an email Tuesday morning from Dr. Parsons:

Like most every high school in America right now, rumors like this are circulating. The Roseburg High School administration believes it has found the source of the rumors which came originally from an innocent conversation among a couple students that was overheard and completely misunderstood. We have no evidence that any acts of violence are being planned, and, in fact, believe we have found the source of this rumor. Unfortunately the passing along of the rumor has taken on a life of its own. The high school says it never confirmed the rumor as being true, but rather only that the rumor is out there.

If we could substantiate any rumors as having validity we would respond accordingly, but right now we think we found the source of this rumor and it is not at all credible. However, even though we don't believe this is anything other than a false rumor, we will be adding security measures to the campus on Friday to demonstrate an abundance of caution.