'Officers that get into a wrestling match, this will help protect'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Over the next 18 months, Corvallis Police plan to replace 29 of their bulletproof vests with the help of a federal grant worth $6,000 and the City of Corvallis.

"We build that into our budget every year to replace some of the vests that have expired," said Dave Henslee with the Corvallis Police. "Vests are proven to increase the safety of our officers and save lives. We take that as a priority."

Bulletproof vests wear down just like any piece of equipment.

"Every 5 years we replace them to make sure we don't have any breakdown of the vest itself," Henslee said.

The front and back of the vests house ballistic panels.

"Then in the front is another ballistic plate, which gives them more armor in the front to cover their vitals," Henslee said.

The vests aren't just about stopping bullets.

"The vests help with some general safety as well. Officers that get into a wrestling match, this will help protect," Henslee said. "It helps with strikes, it helps with falling down, all sorts of things that will help the officers."