Officer's family to face cop killer for first time at psych hearing

EUGENE, Ore. - Her husband's killer has never heard from Kristie Kilcullen.

That might change at a hearing July 23.

A 3-person state board could grant Cheryl Kidd freedoms Officer Chris Kilcullen will never again enjoy, Kilcullen's father John said.

Kidd shot and killed Kilcullen during a traffic stop in April 2011 on the stretch of road that now bears his name in Eugene and Springfield.

Despite the evidence against her, Kidd suffers from schizophrenia.

She's never been found mentally fit to stand trial.

Now a state review board will start the process of determining what level of security Kidd requires. The options range from staying where she is in state custody up to the opportunity for supervised release into a community from a state-run facility.

"She is not mentally stable. She doesn't see what you and I see. So who knows what she's capable of - well we all know what she's capable of, if she gets these supervised or unsupervised visits out in the public," Kristie said.

While the hearing is open to the public, Kristie said it will be the first time she'll get to speak to Kidd.

When a defendant is found guilty in criminal proceedings, victims are allowed to address the court - and the convicted - in what is known as a Victim Impact Statement.

Because a criminal court has never convicted Kidd, the hearing July 23 will be the first time Officer Kilcullen's friends and family will be able to make such a statement.

Officer's Kilcullen's father John, an attorney who raised his son in Eugene, wants Kidd to know how much it hurts to know what his son is missing, especially when it comes to Chris's daughter.

Katie said this is going to be an emotional experience for her.

She would like for anyone who wants to show their support to instead email any thoughts or concerns to the Psychiatric Security Review Board.