Office doors slashed at EMU

EUGENE, Ore. - Police are investigating what appears to be slash marks to the door of the Native American Student Union office inside the Erb Memorial Union complex on the University of Oregon campus.

UO Police spokesman Kelly McIver told KVAL News on Friday that the Vietnamese Student Association and Black Women of Achievement offices, located in the same room in the basement of the EMU right next door to the NASU, also had similar slash marks reported.

McIver said the marks do not appear racially motivated, but he said that cannot be ruled out at this time.

The investigation is ongoing.

Native American Student Union co-director and UO student Stephanie Tabibian said she wants the door replaced or at least painted over. She said ideally the vandalized door would be placed in the main entrance of the EMU for all to see.

"If it's not replaced, we will be left with them as a scar to look at forever," said Tabibian at the NASU office in the EMU on Friday.

If it cannot be replaced, Tabibian said she wants to commission another Native American group out of Springfield to repaint the door.

McIver said racially overt vandalism like Nazi symbols have been carved and/or drawn on the doors of multicultural groups at the UO in the past.

McIver said the most recent slashing a on the door of the NASU office cannot be deciphered as any known symbols or writing.

He said the vandalism is being investigated as a criminal mischief case as of right now.