ODOT's new 'Talgo' trains take to the rails

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Oregon Department of Transportation's two new trains rolled into Eugene's Amtrak Station Friday, giving people a look at the next level of rail travel for Oregonians.

Hal Gard, ODOT's Rail and Public Transit Administrator said they purchased the two, 13-car trains to give people more flexible traveling schedules.

The Talgo-brand trains have safety features that allow them to go at higher speeds than average trains. Gard added that having two more trains on the rails will also help facilitate more travelers.

"Since 1995, Oregon's part of the ridership in our corridor has increased over 250 percent," said Gard.

The new "Talgo" trains also reinforce how locomotives make for a sustainable way to travel.

"You can move a person by train on one gallon of gas over 12,000 miles, and that's the highest fuel efficiency you will find any way for motor travel," said Gard.

Whether you're traveling to Portland, Seattle or Vancouver, Canada, ODOT says passengers will have a a quick and comfortable ride on their new trains.