Occupy protester locks down on the former city hall steps

EUGENE, Ore. -- Gwendolyn Iris scaled the fence surrounding the former Eugene city hall Saturday afternoon. Once inside the chain link fence Iris tethered herself to a gate using a bike lock and a woven cable.

Iris said that her actions were a form of protest, aimed at bringing attention to what she said has been "little or no progress" from local government on agreements made between the city and the Occupy Eugene movement.

"While we are all angry, at the same time we need a solution," Iris said. "We want to help make things ... we are not expecting it all from the city."

She added that the Occupy Movement has been working with the city toward a solution, however the process has been over a year in the works.

Occupy Eugene placed a memorial alongside the fence to honor the homeless who have died on the streets of Eugene.

Iris said she plans to remain at the location until authorities remove her, or until she leaves for work on Monday.